We love Traditions!
We are sorry to say we are having to change a few of ours.
We will not be open the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Due to the extreme drought conditions we need to give our trees a little extra time to soak in the cold weather that sets their needles so they can be at their best to hold all of those special ornaments.  Please visit our RESERVATION page to visit us on Thanksgiving weekend or come on one of our other open days the following week.

Tickets for the 2022 season will only be required for November 26th, 27th and 28th.

Please check our homepage for other days and hours of operation as they may change according to weather and plantation conditions.


We offer Silver Tip, White Fir, Incense Cedar, Douglas Fir, Blue Spruce, and Specialty Firs

Choose & Cut plantations will remain open as long as weather and tree conditions allow.


Each year we provide trees to our troops serving overseas. Come be a part of giving back to our heroes abroad!

Trees for Troops